Security and privacy protection

This page was updated on 23 June 2020. Please read it carefully.

Licensing of copyrighted material

Copying, reproducing, downloading, publishing, or republishing any content of this site (excluding applications limited to private use, non-public use, and non-commercial use) is absolutely prohibited and in violation of the relevant copyright laws without the prior written permission of CICsocial. Even with official permission from CICsocial, it should be carefully used, and the source must be clearly identified as CICsocial.

Disclose information to the authorities can’t guarantee that all private communication records and other personal data will never be made public outside the terms of the privacy terms. We reserve the right to be forced to disclose all or part of our information to government departments and staff, and to intercept, hack into or steal private communications by third parties using illegal means. Accordingly, needs your permission to disclose some or all of your information to law enforcement officials or other government employees when we considered that it is necessary and appropriate, such as when we are involved in fraud, intellectual property infringement, or other unlawful ACTS, or are subject to liability investigation.

The use of cookies

Using cookies can help you personalize your online experience. You can accept or reject cookies. Most Web browsers will automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify the Settings of your browser to reject cookies according to your needs.

Our company sometimes uses cookies to get information about which web pages are popular so that you can get better service when you visit CICsocial. Cookies will not track personal information.

Cookies are also used by the company when you register our account. In this case, the company will collect and store useful information (Cookie is a string of characters randomly generated by the server, and there is no actual user information). When you visit "CICsocial" again, we can identify you. Cookies from "CICsocial" can only be read by "CICsocial".

If your browser is set to reject cookies, you will still be able to access most of CICsocial's web pages.