Cooperator XI

Cooperator XI is a cutting edge real-time social monitoring dashboard for consumer insight and performance evaluation. It evaluates a position both at industry level and at brand level. At the industry level, it shows the industry status on social media to provide an understanding of the social environment and the top industry brand to help optimize social plans.  It also sheds light on who is talking about a certain industry and where, so that our clients can know their
 Audience better. At the brand level, it offers brand comparison to help our clients understand their brand position with particular detail and focus on product level and paid/earned buzz.
Furthermore, it provides guidance for media strategies at both the media and campaign level. At the media level, it identifies emerging platforms and developments. This will help our clients understand different features within the different media environments. At the campaign level, it provides comprehensive measurement and evaluation for ongoing campaigns that is timely, detailed, straight forward and in-depth.
This product is available for everyone to use. Whether you are in the C-suite, brand marketing team or an agency, it provides one-stop intelligence for our clients to stay informed about the industry environment and consumer attitude in order to optimize media strategies accordingly.