Customized Dashboard
For clients looking for more flexibility with the dashboard, we can provide a customized dashboard that is tailored to specific business goals and needs.

  • Social Listening Command Center

The Social Listening Command Center is a combination of people, process and technology. Brands are able to gain an insight into conversations as they happen on social media and employ instant intelligence for business. The Social Listening Command Center is the first of its kind in China to provide clients with instant cross-platform media data service, including consumer distribution statistics, social media data for brand/category, social participation with consumers, and the latest Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) and brand/category review.
We have partnered with several leading brands to successfully set up customized Social Media Listening Command Centers. These command centers are customized visualization modules which give brands a direct visual of internet buzz as they happen on social media to help brand decision makers employ instant intelligence on their businesses. Given that Social Media Listening Commend Centers provide the social landscape and let our clients react in real time, they are sometimes called “Social War Rooms”.
These “Social War Rooms” serve like an ad hoc hub where staff members who monitor those conversations at the command center, can also add values to the information they see by integrating feedback from other departments such as retail, advertising, public relations and customer service into the social data. And department executives can even take actions in the command center directly, which can enable an entire organization to achieve more agile and effective business strategies.
If you would like your brand to achieve such capabilities, please contact us for further information.