Customized Report
With over 10 years of pioneering experience and unmatched expertise in 'making sense of the buzz' for leading brands in China, we provide you with customized IWOM research and consulting services and reports to meet your specific business needs for strategic brand communications, including but not limited to digital strategy, PR, reputation management, marketing as well as new product development.
The services will broadly reach the following objectives for brands: 

  • Glean insight and actionable intelligence about clients, competitors and industry
  • Audit the most influential online media channels and online opinion leaders
  • Take the pulse of the fast emerging and quickly changing Chinese consumer Internet culture to help brands find their place in it
  • Assist in the strategy, execution and evaluation of campaigns

The services are aiming to help brands in these areas: Consumer Foresight, Performance Measurement, Communication Insights, E-purchase Intelligence and Reputation Management.