Social Media Insight

We analyse social media alongside news and other data sources to help provide deeper consumer understanding for our clients.

Our social media insight service uses social media conversations to help answer business questions for marketing, market research, insight and digital teams.

Businesses use our insights to innovate, to shape more relevant messages to communicate with their target audiences and to connect with their consumers.

Using qualitative research techniques at scale, we provide insights around the following areas:

Consumer Foresight

We use Consumer Insight solutions to gain insight in to the values of brand product and service development. We provide a deep understanding for specific categories and consumer segments of IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) at scale to have a grasp of market trends on digital platforms. We use IWOM to identify product feedback suggestions, consumer preference, needs and most sought-after features and drivers for purchase to drive more confident decision-making for brand owners.

Performance Measurement

The Performance Measurement tool enables clients to gain a better understanding of both brand performance measurement and campaign performance measurement. Our experts derive solutions from real-time and time-span views to help our clients listen and make sense of the buzz, evaluate their own and their competitors’ performance on social media by connecting a full set of measurements of buzz content, sentiment and brand health. This helps clients gain a clear understanding of their brands marketing solutions. Brand owners can thereby invest better and unlock potential opportunities to reach and engage their target audience more effectively. 

Communication Insights

Over many years of online community research and observation, we have been able to maximize IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) value for marketing inspiration on “What to say” and “How to say it”. We gain insights from consumer buzz. Not only can these insights be used in product feedback, but they also hold marketing ideation value for marketers and agencies. Furthermore, if a brand plans to seek inspiration from consumers, the first step is knowing the e-communities, online culture, netizens’ interests and ways to communicate, so as to ensure an effective social media communication plan. 

E-purchase Intelligence

E-purchase Intelligence is a consumer feedback analysis report product that tracks post purchase comments across several e-commerce platforms. 

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