Crisis management: rapid response in an emergency
The media is unpredictable and no one is immune to a PR crisis. We alert you to negative coverage of your brand or organisation over online, press, broadcast and social media.

When facing a crisis, reliable live monitoring enables brands and institutions to track issues that could have an impact on their business or reputation. This will enable them to base their response on the best, available understanding of how an issue has unfolded in the media space. 

Intelligent analysis
Our analysts can inform the response with practical insights on how an issue has unfolded in the media.  This can include which media have said what, who has been picking the story up and who has been driving it.  We can identify the main critics are as well as where support lies.
This is all presented clearly, combining mainstream and social media, making it easy to understand what’s happening at any point.
This analysis can draw on both local and international information.  By using consistent metrics for these, we enable both local and multi-country evaluation of how an issue has played out.  These can be serviced from our client service hubs in strategic locations around the world.

Bouncing back
From experience, we know that even when a crisis is over, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any negative comments. Once the crisis has passed, we can track and analyse the ongoing brand reputation to monitor how it is bouncing back.

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