Kantar Twitter TV Ratings: Sports

Our latest features enable rights holders, sporting organisations, brands and media owners to maximise social TV engagement between fans and sport  broadcasts across the world.

The way consumers interact with sport broadcasts is evolving. Social media is playing a growing role in how fans celebrate, commiserate, debate and follow games, tournaments and matches.

Twitter attracts a phenomenal number of sports fans. For example, during the tournament period more than 109 million Tweets were sent related to #EURO20161. The final attracted 14.2 million Tweets alone, and not just originating from competing nations Portugal and France. This heatmapshows how global the conversation truly was.

Kantar Twitter TV Ratings: Sports allows sporting organisations and brands to unlock the value of this engagement by providing comprehensive measurement of activity on Twitter about sport broadcasts around the world. Our global partnership with Twitter enables us to measure accurate impressions data, geo-filtered Tweets and deeper insights for the top 30 countries by Twitter volume.

As well as totals for Tweets, unique authors and impressions, metrics are provided around demographics, the most retweets and impressions, most used hashtags and mentioned accounts, top contributors, brand affinity and sentiment analysis for some languages. This data is available to analyse through our intuitive web based platform, Instar Social

Rights holders, federations, clubs and organisations can:
· Understand audience reactions and engagement with match broadcasts around the world
· Benchmark against other sporting competitions and clubs
· Gain a new layer of audience data that can be used to prove value to sponsors and advertisers
· Allow sponsors and advertisers greater targeting capability to reach fans
· Discover new markets with high levels of fan support
· Uncover sponsorship and advertising opportunities using brand affinity data

Brands and advertisers can:
· Understand how audiences engage with their sponsorships around the world including reactions, emotions and influencers.
· Gain a new metric to measure the success of their sponsorship in terms of  reach and reaction
· Find new opportunities to develop and maximise their sponsorship
· Understand which other brands fans have an affinity with

On a custom basis we are also able to broaden this service to measure Twitter activity around broadcasts outside of the sport arena, to provide insight into the global reaction on social media to programmes, series and campaigns.

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