Consumer Foresight

We use Consumer Insight solutions to gain insight in to the values of brand product and service development. We provide a deep understanding for specific categories and consumer segments of IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) at scale to have a grasp of market trends on digital platforms. We use IWOM to identify product feedback suggestions, consumer preference, needs and most sought-after features and drivers for purchase to drive more confident decision-making for brand owners.
Our consumer insight consists of the Category Insight Study and the User Behavior Study.

Category Insight

Category & Product On-Trend Study​

The Category & Product On-Trend Study is a report that analyzes the buzz trend of category, brand, product and the drivers that help brands gain insight into consumer preferences. By tracking different social media platforms, the report identifies popular or emerging products and tracks product development trends to help brands understand consumer perception. It also helps brands anticipate potential category and/or product trends by identifying those that spread from other markets to the target market.

Product Attributes Quick Stud​

The Product Attributes Quick Study Report is a product feedback report that helps our brands and clients understand consumer attitudes and perceptions about pre-specified product attributes by analyzing topic angles when discussing certain attributes.

Category Insights

The Category Insights Report provides a category overview of buzz performance of the brand (and often against its competitors) to see the engagement trend of certain categories of products. It offers brands a comprehensive analysis which includes consumer feedback buzz analysis, KOL performance analysis and campaign effectiveness analysis in order to help brands derive optimal brand strategies on social media.

User Behavior

User behavior consists of the User Behavior Study and the Target Audience Study

User Behavior Study

The User Behavior Study Report helps brands and clients understand their target user by looking into their profile, behavior, decision factors and pain points of their experiences in a certain market. We leverage different platforms on social media as the main channel for consumers to voice their experience. This could help brands to identify potential opportunities for user experience improvements within their target users in the future.

Target audience study​

The Target Audience Study Report uses various tailored methodologies to identify a brands target audience. It helps to understand more accurately the current and emerging decision making factors and market trends by measuring buzz trend and analyzing social media behavior of a target audience. Brand owners can thereby develop effective campaign strategies and brand strategies based on these insights.

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