Performance Measurement

The Performance Measurement tool enables clients to gain a better understanding of both brand performance measurement and campaign performance measurement. Our experts derive solutions from real-time and time-span views to help our clients listen and make sense of the buzz, evaluate their own and their competitors’ performance on social media by connecting a full set of measurements of buzz content, sentiment and brand health. This helps clients gain a clear understanding of their brands marketing solutions. Brand owners can thereby invest better and unlock potential opportunities to reach and engage their target audience more effectively. 

Real-time Performance Measurement

A real-time (daily) campaign monitoring report is a daily report that offers brands timely feedback from its target audience by analyzing buzz trend and buzz sentiment across multiple platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, BBS, video, Ecommerce etc. This provides brand owners with accurate tracking of campaign performance which enables marketers to adjust the communication and execution plan in the middle of the campaign. 

Campaign Evaluation

The Campaign Evaluation provides brands with a time span Campaign Evaluation Report and Post-Campaign Evaluation Report by analyzing buzz tracking of their own and their competitors’ campaigns on social media. We offer our clients campaign suggestions on product, trend, sentiment, hot topics and community performance to help them build a campaign profile pool and set the norms of various measurements.

Weekly/biweekly/monthly Campaign Evaluation Report

This evaluation report has several time span options and helps monitor and evaluate timely feedback of a campaign performance. This informs clients on the strengths and weaknesses of a campaign across platforms. This then provides a set of insights which the brand can use to adjust the current campaign and to optimize any future campaign launches.

Post-campaign Evaluation Report

The Post-campaign Evaluation Report is a comprehensive campaign performance analysis of a brands owned, paid and earned media. This provides the client with accurate feedback from their target audience, the trend, brand health and its implications, which enables them to plan their campaign and reach/engage their target audience more effectively and efficiently.

Brand Equity Measurement

This is a customized brand report that comes as an audit report or a brand tracking report with multiple time span options. It provides brands with insights on its social media marketing strategies and planning along with its competitors. This will enable brands to identify key audiences, key platforms, and key driving forces to help them understand their brand equity and devise an optimized social marketing execution plan with acumen and efficiency.

Audit Report

With category buzz analysis and brand image analysis across several platforms, this provides social listening insights to help brand owners understand consumers’ interests and concerns regarding certain topic or brand to support its brand marketing strategy. 

Monthly/Bi-monthly Brand Tracking Report

This report provides a regular buzz tracking for the brand and its competitors, combined with a quantitative and qualitative study that reviews the brand and key competitors’ campaign effectiveness. This helps brands understand their own and their competitors’ IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) to better evaluate performances on digital platforms.

Quarterly/Half-yearly/Yearly Brand Tracking Report

This is a quarterly/half-yearly/yearly report that provides a long-term buzz tracking with a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the brand’s buzz trend and buzz content. This enables the user to identify key buzz triggers across multiple platforms regarding paid, owned and earned media. This offers insights and suggestions on how to leverage key buzz triggers and how to launch campaigns at key timings for optimized platform performance.

Influencer Evaluation

The Influencer Evaluation Report is a report that evaluates influencers’ impact and efficiency regarding certain topic, campaign or brand to identify the most suitable influencer(s) for the case. It is a systematic approach on both quantitative and qualitative based analysis of buzz across several platforms about specific influencers based on the platform’s dimensions and benchmarks, utilizing our pioneering technology, combined with our outstanding social media intelligence capability. This helps the user to evaluate and select social media influencers with accuracy and wisdom.

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