Communication Insights

Over many years of online community research and observation, we have been able to maximize IWOM (Internet Word of Mouth) value for marketing inspiration on “What to say” and “How to say it”. We gain insights from consumer buzz. Not only can these insights be used in product feedback, but they also hold marketing ideation value for marketers and agencies. Furthermore, if a brand plans to seek inspiration from consumers, the first step is knowing the e-communities, online culture, netizens’ interests and ways to communicate, so as to ensure an effective social media communication plan. 
Our Digital Communication Insights solutions have three components: Hot Topics Identification, Influencer Identification and Platform Trends Study.

Hot Topics Identification

The Hot Topics Identification Report comprehensively selects the most valuable hot topics of the month for our client across multiple platforms and dimensions based on our database and our partners’ databases. These hot topics reflect the dynamics of the online community. Through our IWOM social listening tool and our industry acknowledged text mining and data analysis capabilities, our experienced analysts provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the online community and top five tailored hot topics for a marketing strategy by deep diving into these five topics through: sentiment analysis, trending index calculation and topic application suggestions. Combining the right hot topic to a media strategy will help a user gain consumer resonance and enable better reach of a target audience. 

Influencer Identification

The Influencer Identification Report recommends the most suitable influencers from our database for a brand based on a user request and our individual study. We select an influencers’ top pick by evaluating their image, endorsed brands and social performance. We also provide influencer index for the top three influencers we recommend based on characters’ association study, brand image matching, and sentiment analysis. This report offers tactical guidelines for any influencer investment strategies.

Platform Trends

The Platform Trends Study Report discovers and introduces cutting-edge trends for commercial applications and provides insights derived from emerging developments on the digital landscape. Marketers and agencies can market agilely with hot topics and stay informed with the latest digital trends on designated platforms to seek opportunities and plan marketing strategies ahead of competitors.

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