Reputation PR Monitoring and Evaluation

We give clients a clear picture of how their brand is seen through the eyes of the media and social media.  We identify whether their story is getting through, who is covering them (and who isn’t), the hot issues, the risks and what their competitors are up to. That helps businesses to make more informed decisions and to plan more effectively.

Crisis Management

The media is unpredictable and no one is immune to a PR crisis. We alert you to negative coverage of your brand or organisation over online, press, broadcast and social media.

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Executive Media Briefings

When news comes from a wide variety of sources on an even wider variety of topics, how do you make it easier for managers and colleagues to digest?

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Forward Planning

Take decisions based on understanding which stories and events will shape the news agenda.

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Media Monitoring - News and Social

What's being said about you in the media? What are your competitors doing? Without this knowledge, it can be difficult to make a positive media impact.

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PR Measurement & Evaluation

To build your media strategy you need to have solid foundations. Our media analysis service helps clients track their media profile and understand what drives their media coverage and what influences their reputation.

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