DIMENSION is our latest thinking on some of the biggest communication planning, buying and measurement issues faced by the industry. This year, it seeks to understand how brands, media owners and agencies alike can win in the age of authenticity.

Uniquely, the study reflects the response and attitudes from twin perspectives: those of the industry's practitioners and those of the consumers they are trying to reach.

Now in its third year, the findings send a strong message that the recurring issues haven't gone away, and the imperfect balance our industry finds itself in remains.


Advertisers need audiences. The more opportunities to reach a relevant audience, the better. It's an industry 'known-known', a dynamic that hasn't been challenged – perhaps until now.

The skipping or blocking of advertising and the growth in subscriptions, registrations and membership-funded models are posing new conundrums for advertisers.

What do consumers feel about paying for content? How is the industry overcoming the barriers to reach particular audiences? And is there a future for subscription-only models?

This report looks at the shifting balance between advertising and subscription-funded models for media owners.

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