Kantar Media CIC Released 2017 “Every 60 seconds in China” Infographic Big Data for Understanding Chinese Social Media

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Kantar Media CIC Released 2017 “Every 60 seconds in China” Infographic Big Data for Understanding Chinese Social Media
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 05:55

Kantar Media CIC, the leader in social business intelligence provider in China, has released our updated “60 Seconds in China” for 2017, which illustrates the outstanding performance and scale of Chinese social media.  In a short 60 seconds a massive amount of activity and daily data is generated by each platform which brands can leverage to achieve the optimal social media marketing program and business innovation.

Coolio Yang, Kantar Media CIC's CEO, China says, “The vast size and speed of the Internet in China is a marvel to the world, and our annual infographic provides insight into the scale of ‘big data’ generated. Kantar Media CIC is accustomed through our ongoing study on trends, including recent changes in live streaming and mobile games in 2017. Live streaming has gradually stabilized after a period of rapid growth, and is now transforming from quantity to quality.  Therefore, we can see data of Sina’s Live streaming is more rational and reasonable.  At the same time, the market of mobile games in China has entered a stable developing period. The cluster effect is obvious with the continuous improvement of netizens quality and their increasing requirement. Coupled with the social network-assisted group games and social sharing behavior has increased, mobile games has become a cultural phenomenon, and now occupies the hot spot in the social network. The infographic not only shows us the changeable internet economy and online culture in China, but also challenges brands and consulting organizations, so business operations on social media must be done with faster, with new approach and speed.”

Dr. Linda Xu, Kantar Media CIC's CCO, added “Our 60-second snapshot of China’s social media reflects fundamental facts of today’s society. We can see clearly the pan-entertainment attitude among people, deeper penetration of video communication across platforms, surge of sharing economy, and the dominance of mobile payment. To compete for consumers’ attention and survive the pressure of fast conversion, brand and agencies need even stronger support for media monitoring and analysis to achieve better performance in this fragmented cross-channel battlefield.”

About Kantar Media
Kantar Media is one of the leading media intelligence companies in the world; it provides customers with the required data for media monitoring and selection. Kantar Media provides the most comprehensive and accurate information on media consumption, performance and evaluation as a part of WPP- Kantar Group. In the Asian-Pacific division, Kantar Media CIC is specialized in the fields of social and digital information in China and relevant regions. Experts of Kantar Media CIC help enterprises make full use of social media and Internet word-of-mouth to achieve business innovation and develop effective brand strategy by professional products, technology and consultancy. Since 2004, Kantar Media CIC has been investing on the development, research, and consulting fields of socialized commercial technology; in 2012, Kantar Media CIC was acquired by WPP, the largest communication service organization in the world.

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