Kantar Media CIC releases Social Media Landscape Whitepaper 2018 ByteDance (social media platform), AI users and the “Brand Experience Circle” are covered for the first time.



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Kantar Media CIC正式推出《社会化商业变革在中国》一书
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2018-08-26 17:07

SHANGHAI, Aug. 22, 2018—Kantar Media CIC has today released its annual China Social Media Landscape Whitepaper 2018 in English, which provides the most up-to-date insights on the evolution of social media in China. The whitepaper analyzes three key elements: media platforms, users and brands.

Since 2008, Kantar Media CIC has been documenting the fast changing social media environment in China and the 2018 edition presents several new topics, shares new Kantar Media CIC viewpoints, and puts forward new perspective for brands to consider when developing marketing strategies.

I The definition of “social media” has been extended with the emergence of a dual-layer of CORE and DERIVATIVE social media platforms

Social media platforms have evolved to a new ‘ecosystem’ whereby Core Social Media Platforms aim to strengthen interpersonal relationships and Derivative Social Media Platforms leverage social media connections and personalized, filtered content to drive platform visits. On core platforms, users exchange their life experiences and information to make friends, share interests, create newsfeeds and send instant messages. Users on Derivative Social Media Platforms usually seek more personalized information from content creators to make better decisions. Derivative Social Media can be roughly divided into four categories, including online gaming, video and audio entertainment, knowledge and information, as well as online shopping.
The competition between the two types of platform continues to intensify but one cannot replace the other. Therefore, brand strategy should include different approaches and evaluation methods for each platform type.

II China’s social media giants expand from BATS to  BATSB

Video streaming, music and gaming have become dominant forms of social media in the current China social media landscape. Dominated by social media giants, BATS, (abbreviated from Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Sina), the industry has been shaken up by newcomer ByteDance, with its precise Direct Push technology supported by algorithms and machine learning. The technology has achieved quick penetration, with short video platform Douyin (Tik Tok) and headline news platform Toutiao quickly gaining popularity.



III Ecosystem disrupted by technology, AI becomes the new generation of user

Present-day social media users are no longer confined to just regular users and key opinion leaders, but now also include Artificial Intelligence (AI) users.
The success of Microsoft’s virtual robot character Xiaobing and the virtual reality character “Hatsune Miku” show how AI gives new opportunities for brands to interact with social media users in order to increase brand affinity and advocacy.


IV Brand marketing has entered the era of 360° experience

Building a Brand Experience Circle is now the trend in brand marketing strategy. A complete Brand Experience Circle can include physical stores, offline events, media advertisements, embedded marketing, online distribution, and social marketing. Altogether, they create a closed loop for consumers to experience brand services and brand culture.
Social media platforms, because of their interactivity and flexibility, not only are a media form that can expand brand awareness, but they also form an ever larger part of the Brand Experience Circle, amplifying brand 360°degree experience through consumer generated social media word of mouth.


Download China Social Media Landscape Whitepaper 2018 by Kantar Media CIC (PDF version):

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